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Home servers are everywhere. A lot of smart people have made it easy to share content and bring entertainment to a television set over the internet.

Things can get complicated without much effort.  For example, using the 5GHz band on your router takes a little know-how, In my case, I purchased a refurbished Netgear WNDR3400 v1 router, loaded DD-WRT on it, configured the 5GHz band as a wireless client bridge from my main home router, placed it next to the home media center, and use a wired connection from it to bring the network to  my main home entertainment center. Read More –>


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Advanced Home Server is now portable. Amazon and Google both offer digital compilations of the content available here. The articles here will remain available and will remain free. This site is advertiser supported. The e-books have a minimal charge. Distribution of the e-books is not free and is, in fact, surprisingly costly. I don’t expect the e-book to generate more than pizza money (and bragging rights when needed) as my share.

Certain articles here are very popular. WordPress provides metrics that tell me this. I assumed that some articles would be wanted at work where an internet connection might not be employer provided. A portable version of Advanced Home Server would fill a need.  Read More –>


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Here are my professional references:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA, Active Illinois license)
Microsoft: MCSA – Windows Server 2012
Microsoft: MCSA – Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support
CompTIA: Network+ (2012 – 2015)

BS Economics: Illinois State University (and, yes, I understand economics pretty well. The BS comes in when people try to apply mathematics or probability to Economics to make it look scientific. Then the BS has a dual meaning. As an accountant, I have an affinity towards understanding fraud, hence my skepticism of some economists, especially those who work on the sell side on financial television or internet financial news.)

Before passing the CPA exam I worked as a computer consultant, system designer and application developer / programmer. Read More –>

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Nobody’s perfect and I certainly don’t claim to be anywhere close.

This is free information. Nothing is guaranteed to work properly, or at all. I accept no liability for the accuracy or usefulness of any information or product referred to or linked to within these pages,or that any information provided or referred to is complete or up-to-date, or for the contents of external links. I have no control over the content of any of the external websites linked to and I have no control over and accept no responsibility or liability for  any aspect of products described, offered, distributed, referred to, or downloaded onto your computer with or without your consent. Read More –>

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Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. I have fun writing it and am glad people stop by daily to read it. I plan to keep adding articles as time passes. I also plan to improve existing ones as the ideas arrive.

I also like getting comments, except for the spam. Fortunately, WordPress has excellent filters that segregate about 99% of it. Then I delete it. For those who have never seen real spam, it’s pretty lame. It’s usually general, non-descriptive, bland, repetitive, and says nothing of substance. There’s the bored person with the iPhone at work who found my blog but doesn’t mention anything specific about it. There’s the SEO optimizers.  There’s one empty compliment after another, none of which mention anything about the page they left the comment on. As the bots zero in on a particular page, I turn comments off on it. All want to sneak in a web address to their site, which usually sells total crap.   Read More –>