Let’s Get Started

cropped cloud impactThis  (the picture next to this text) is what my brain used to look like when thinking about home servers.  Maybe you know the feeling? Today, I’m better. If this picture looks familiar, then this blog is for you.

Everyone has a different idea of what their home server system should look like. Some people just want to share a few files, tunes, or videos. Others need a small home office that can support industrial strength needs, but still serve a few files, tunes, or videos for others or just to relax later. I’m somewhere in the middle.

It was difficult to learn enough to build an advanced home server. There’s a lot of basic information available, but it’s not easy to put into context and it’s even more difficult to figure out what you need to know and what you can ignore. And then you have to pay for what you decide you need to buy. Hopefully, it works as you as expected and/or hoped.

The internet has a lot of free information (my blog included.) Some of it is great. A lot of it is fragmentary, wrong for you, overcomplicated, incomplete with respect to your needs, or too tedious to finish reading.  There’s a YouTube video for everything.  I’ll add context and provide the site I wish I had found when I first tried to figure things out.

This blog is a chronicle of what I learned along the way.  It doesn’t include tables of feeds and speeds for anything. There are no product reviews. I’m not selling anything. A lot of foundational and how-to information is included. It’s not intended to be the only resource you’ll ever need. Think of me as someone who is providing basic education while trying to organize the word cloud. My intention is to help out, steer you in the right direction for you, hopefully help you avoid a few mistakes, and make it easy (or as easy as it can be made) to read.

Emails may be sent to advancedhomeserver at gmail dot com.

Comments are open and I reply to most that get through. WordPress has strong spam filters that automatically decide what is and what is not spam. Some pass through on their own. WordPress blocks others. They get it wrong sometimes. I review all new comments, spam and otherwise, and send through the comments that WordPress got wrong. WordPress, by default,  logs IP addresses for comments so it’s really clear who is sending lots of spam from the same IP address. Don’t make me call your Mother. Look, if you want to send spam, at least make it interesting. Most is so banal that I’m almost embarrassed for the author. Show some self respect, please. At least respond to the topic of the article instead of complementing me on my [fill in the blank]. Also, I’m not interested in buying any spam protection plugins. Stop asking.

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  1. test says:

    Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

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